Calgary top cop on the defensive, again, after damning 2013 workplace review surfaces –

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Calgary top cop on the defensive, again, after damning 2013 workplace review surfaces
Calgary's police chief is on the defensive after a three-year-old workplace review has surfaced showing a culture of bullying, harassment, intimidation and retaliation. The 29-page redacted document outlines a police service that some viewed as an "Old ...
Calgary police grapple with officers' confidence in forceMetroNews Canada
Calgary Police Report Details Sexual Assault, Bullying Inside ForceHuffington Post Canada
Politicians troubled by allegations of bullying, sexual assault within Calgary Police ServiceCalgary Herald -Calgary Sun -News Talk 770 Calgary
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Penang gets new legal adviser, state finance officer

Sarul Bahiyah receiving her appointment as head of the Penang state finance office from Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. — Picture courtesy of the Penang GovernmentGEORGE TOWN, Oct 26 — Sarul Bahiyah Abu has been promoted from directing the Penang Land and Mines Department to heading the state finance office.

Sarul Bahiyah’s appointment was effective on October 14 to replace Datuk Mokthtar Jait who retired on September 6, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced in a statement today.

She was sworn in this morning, he added.

Sarul Bahiyah was previously the Selangor Land and Mines Department deputy director before she was transferred to Penang as the director on April 11.

Another new appointment is Datuk Anas Ahmad Zakie as the Penang state legal adviser as at September 1 to replace Datuk Aliza Sulaiman who was transferred to Putrajaya.

Anas, who was previously the Parole Board Director in the Home Affairs Ministry, was sworn in on September 28.

Lim welcomed both senior officers who will play a important roles in the state administration.

“I am confident both of them can support the state secretary Datuk Seri Farizan Darus in providing excellence service to realise the state’s goal of becoming an international and smart city,” he said.

India’s ‘Dinosaur Princess’ keeps watch over rare remains

This picture taken on September 1, 2016 shows 'Dinosaur Princess' Aaliya Sultana Babi holding a fossilised dinosaur egg at her palace in Balasinor, some 100 kms from Ahmedabad. — AFP pic

BALASINOR (India), Oct 26 — One of princess Aalia Sultana Babi’s most prized possessions is a fossilised dinosaur egg she found an unsuspecting villager using to grind spices on her ancestral lands, an area billed as “India’s Jurassic Park”.

Babi rescued the egg and it now has pride of place among her collection of prehistoric fossils, part of a lifelong legacy of protecting the  dinosaur remains on the land her family once ruled over.

“She didn’t know it was a dinosaur egg!” said Babi, 42, who has been dubbed the Dinosaur Princess for her work.

“I lovingly call it my masala (spice) egg,” she added of the rare find, a complete Titanosaurus egg belonging to the late Cretaceous period, around 99-65 million years ago.

It now sits in her home, in pride of place, wrapped in white silk inside a red velvet jewellery box.

Researchers found the 29-hectare sprawling family estate of Balinsor was littered with dinosaur fossils during a routine geological survey of the area situated in Gujarat in Western India, in the 1980s.

One find — estimated to be 67 million years old — was of a new species of dinosaur which scientists named Rajasaurus Narmadensis after the Hindi word for king and the local area around Narmada river. 

A T-rex-like carnivore, the Rajasaurus was a nine-metre predator characterised by a unique crown of crested horns that feasted on long-necked sauropods — herbivores that also lived in the region. 

Local experts believe at least seven species of dinosaur once lived in the area. 

Untapped potential

Today, visitors to the Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park can see fibreglass models of the huge beasts. But for Babi, the full potential of the place, is going untapped. 

It is estimated that around 10,000 fossilised dinosaur eggs were found in the area — but a significant number have been given to other museums. 

The park now has a somewhat neglected air: To the untrained eye it seems little more than a wild expanse of fenced-off scrubland, and without proper markings or explanations, some of the dinosaur remains can be mistaken for ordinary rocks.

A single watchman guards the government-owned site against vandalism and local herders seeking grazing for their cattle.

Authorities have built a museum nearby, but it has yet to be completed — at the moment the only exhibits on display are a smattering of dinosaur models and posters.

The slow pace of progress is a source of frustration for local villagers, who say the site could be providing them with employment if it was fully developed.

“It’s good that Balasinor is getting so much attention. But it is of no use to us,” says 26-year-old Rajesh Chauhan, who is unemployed.

“We want the government to spare some thought for us also. They are worried about animals that are long dead and gone, but have little concern for the living.”

My subjects

Babi, who conducts guided tours of the park for a fee, has lobbied authorities to do more, but says the fact that three separate government departments are involved means not much happens in a hurry.

“There’s a lot of potential to this place, it’s just that we need to wake up from our slumber and get going,” she said.

It could be a contender to be given Unesco Geo Park status, but a lack of coordination between government departments means no submission has been made to the body, local media report.

Nonetheless, thousands of tourists visit in the cooler winter months, thanks in part to Babi’s efforts.

Passengers on the Maharaja Express, a luxury tourist train, can stay at the royal palace before touring the park — the only place in the world where you can hold a fossilised dinosaur egg, say local geologists.

Babi, who featured in the BBC reality show Undercover Princesses in 2009, said her passion for dinosaurs began when she started accompanying foreign geologists to the fossil park because she was the only local person who spoke English.

“I got drawn into it as it was something which was very unique and virtually in my backyard,” she told AFP.

“I started writing to scientists and gathering as much research material as I could.

“My affiliation is double-fold, because I feel these are my subjects that I need to protect.” — AFP 

全球最易经商国家 大马排名跌至第23

《2017年经商环境报告》显示,大马在全球190个国家中排名第23。-路透社-(华盛顿26日讯)世界银行周二发布的《2017年经商环境报告》(Doing Business 2017)显示,纽西兰取代新加坡,成为全球最容易经商的国家,而马来西亚的排名则下滑了一位至第23名。




世界银行更改评估标准,排名以“前沿距离”(Distance To Frontier,DTF)得分计算,大马在最新的报告中得分78.11。跟去年比较,大马在189个经济体中排名第18,得分78.18。



Minister: Only 1kg cooking oil to stay subsidised

Only cooking oil packed in 1kg polybags will be subsidised beginning November 1, 2016. — Reuters picPUTRAJAYA, Oct 26 — The cooking oil subsidy will be removed for all package sizes except 1kg polybags beginning November 1, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin said today.

The domestic trade, co-operatives and consumerism minister said the prices of remaining package sizes will be determined by market forces.

“The price for the 1kg packs will remain at RM2.50 despite the price … going up to RM2.90 in August,” he told a news conference.


‘The Voice’: Second night of knockouts ends with a super fast steal

Show host Blake Shelton is ‘slimed’ during Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards in Inglewood, California. — Reuters picLOS ANGELES, Oct 26 — The Knockouts continued on The Voice yesterday night, with season 11's key advisers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw joining coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys for artist prep. 

Levine and Shelton used their steals on Monday night, leaving only Cyrus and Keys with steals left as artists fight to make it to the Live Playoffs.

The first Knockout performances of the night came from Team Blake. Bindi Liebowitz faced off with professional songwriter Courtney Harrell. Harrell hadn't performed solo in over a decade, but her journey on The Voice has been full of highs, underscoring the fact that this is what she's meant to do. 

Hill was immediately struck by Harrell, who decided to sing River Deep Mountain High. Liebowitz, who also put music on hold when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, has also shown that she's ready to take her music career to the next level. 

She started on Team Adam, but Shelton stole her during the Battles. She decided to sing Son Of A Preacher Man to show that she is a modern singer with an old soul. 

"You were vanilla ice cream. Be rocky road," Hill said during her rehearsal, encouraging her to take more risks and be bold in order to stand out against Harrell.

Harrell got things started, and she indeed proved to be a tough act to follow. Harrell filled the room with her booming but controlled voice and her infectious energy. It set a high bar for the rest of the night. 

Liebowitz started out her performance with some fun ad libs. It was an entertaining performance, but she lacked that spark that Harrell seems to effortlessly have, and she had some pitch problems. 

Cyrus praised Liebowitz's textures but said she wished she could have seen her explode. In Cyrus's opinion, Harrell did reach that explosion moment. Levine added that Harrell is one of the best of the season. 

Shelton acknowledged that Liebowitz has a special presence to her, but he echoed Cyrus's sentiments that Harrell exploded on stage. He picked her as the winner, and Liebowitz went home.

Next, Levine had Billy Gilman and Ponciano Seoane go up against one another. 

Gilman, who was the youngest person to have a top country hit but has had to redefine himself as he has grown up and hopes to veer more toward pop music, chose to sing Fight Song by Rachel Platten for the Knockouts. He noted that the song is his anthem. 

"It felt like it was your song," Hill said. Levine warned him to make sure he's not too on-the-nose with his interpretation. "Stay connected," Levine said. Seoane decided to sing I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. Hill recognised Seoane's singer-songwriter quality. "If Ponciano can win this Knockout round, he can win The Voice," Levine said.

Seoane went first, playing guitar and delivering a soulful performance that definitely marked his best vocal performance, but it wasn't memorable. He has a pretty tone, but it isn't anything all that special. The song choice didn't do him a lot of favours.

Meanwhile, Gilman followed with a much stronger sense of himself and his artistry. He took a radio hit and made it his own, giving a magnetic performance that had momentum and delivered on the big parts. "That could have been a song that you wrote," Shelton said about Seoane, but he also acknowledged that Gilman has had the more exciting arc on the show. 

"I just think your voice is amazing," Cyrus said about Gilman. Levine chose him as the winner, and Seoane went home. The coaches were being very selective with their steals.

The final and best Knockout matchup of the night came from Team Alicia. Keys put Belle Jewel and Christian Cuevas in the Knockout ring. 

Jewel decided to sing Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House, putting her own jazzy spin on it. Hill was impressed by her confidence and ease. "You could see her doing a show," McGraw said, emphasizing how strong her sense of artistry is. 

Cuevas, who is great at delivering the genuinely emotional performances, chose to sing Superstar by The Carpenters. Hill and McGraw both encouraged him to really feel while he's singing instead of thinking too hard.

Jewel got the Knockout started with her original, captivating performance that really told a story and showcased her unique sound. There certainly is no one else like her in the competition. But Cuevas wasn't going down without a fight, delivering a performance that also played to his strengths, especially when it comes to having a strong emotional connection the what he's singing. 

"I'm obsessed with your voice," Levine said to Cuevas. "I'm mad at you for putting these two together," Shelton said to Keys, who did have a lot of trouble choosing a winner. Cyrus said she felt like she was at home watching The Voice and anxiously waiting to see what Keys would do. 

Keys ultimately went with Cuevas, which was a bit surprising. But then a lightning-fast steal came by way of Cyrus, who jumped at the opportunity to get Jewel on her team without wasting a single second. She will be a good fit for Team Miley going into the Live Playoffs.

The Knockouts continue next week as the coaches make their final decisions for who will represent their teams in the Live Playoffs. Keys is the only coach with a steal left going into next week. What team looks strongest to you right now?

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter. — The Hollywood Reporter/Bloomberg


韩沙再努丁指政府将取消食用油补贴,只有1公斤包装没涨价。-Saw Siow Feng摄-(布城26日讯)国内贸易、合作社与消费者事务部部长拿督斯里韩沙再努丁宣布,从11月1日起,除了1公斤包装食用油,其他包装一律取消补贴,按照市价出售。